Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Baby Miles' New Headgear In A Health Update


People Are Praising Chrissy Teigen After She Was Open And Honest About Her Son's Condition

Chrissy Teigen - Instagram / Twitter

Chrissy Teigen is - for better or for worse - one of the most open and honest celebrity moms.

And while her fans love Teigen's frequent social media updates featuring her two-year-old daughter Luna and seven-month-old baby Miles, other users love to shame the model for just about everything, including seemingly innocent stuff like riding down the slide with Luna.

John Legend Chrissy Teigen
Teigen with her children and husband, singer John Legend, in Bali.Chrissy Teigen - Instagram

Teigen, 33, sometimes even playfully jabs back at her online critics, like when she shared a photo of her newborn baby in a traditional sling in August.

"Please feel free to get angry and judgmental in my comments below!" Teigen joked in her caption. "I know you can't wait!"

This week, Teigen got fans talking again when she shared a new photo of baby Miles that was bound to inspire some odd comments from other parents.

But while the news involves a health condition that Miles is being treated for, Teigen is trying to show her fans that it's totally normal.

Miles helmet Chrissy Teigen
Miles will be wearing a medically prescribed helmet for several months.Chrissy Teigen - Twitter

"Baby [Miles] getting fitted for a little helmet today for his adorable slightly misshapen head," she tweeted to her followers before sharing a photo of the infant in his new helmet.

"So if you see pictures, don't feel bad for him because he's just fixing his flat and honestly he's probably gonna be even cuter with it somehow."

Flat head, also called plagiocephaly, is a very common and harmless condition where a baby's soft skull seems to flatten out. It's easily corrected by headgear like the helmet Miles is now wearing.

Plagiocephaly helmet
Other parents shared photos of their babies sporting helmets.Russ Trpkovski - Twitter

Most babies with his condition will keep their helmet on all day long for several months, until their growing heads reach a more round, typical shape.

The proud mom even went on to joke about her head on Twitter, saying, "I have been told it's too late for my head."

Thankfully, plenty of fans chose to  share encouraging messages about Miles new headgear, and a few even posted photos of their own kids sporting helmets.

"You guys are very sweet," Teigen replied to one message.

A Legendary Christmas
Teigen's entire family was featured in the 'Legendary Christmas' special.NBC

While they're still very little, Luna and Miles are already following in the footsteps of their famous parents, and appeared alongside Legend and Teigen on their recent holiday special A Legendary Christmas.

Miles, who is practically Legend's mini-me, is just like his Grammy-winning father in more ways than one.

"He loves being told he's handsome," Teigen told E! News. "He really lights up."

"Miles is so reserved-he's just John. He's just a cuddly, lovable little ball."

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Isn't Miles cute in his new headgear?

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