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Family's Christmas Card Is Going Viral Because Everyone Can Relate

Christmas cards are a fun way to show your love for family and friends, while still getting a little creative. You can buy some from the store or take your own photos, but either way, it's fun to mail them off and wait to get some in return!

Families always try to make their card fun and festive, and the Seawrights are no different.

"My family sends out a different Christmas card every single year, it's been a tradition for as long as I can remember, but we have never done a funny one," Emily Seawright, 20, says.

Each family member decided to write down a word, starting with the letter E, that would describe their current life events.

Mom and Dad wrote "excited":


Her sister wrote "engaged":


Then there were the "expecting" parents:


And then...

There's Emily.


Emily, who's single, took one for the team and was the butt end of the joke.

"We thought it would be really funny, so we all made our own signs for the photo," Emily says. "I think it's crazy that it's gaining so much attention, it was really just meant to be funny, but I had no idea so many people could relate to it. Since posting it, I have received many messages on every social media account I have"”there are actually so many that I can't even read all of them, but I find it hilarious and flattering!"

More than 60,000 people have shared Emily's tweet, and people are loving it.

Emily is hoping her picture will bring a smile to people's faces.

"Nothing is that serious and it's okay to be single," Emily says. "During the holiday season everybody has this idea that you need to be with somebody, but just embrace being you!"

What do you think of Emily's Christmas card?

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