Student With Special Needs Can't Stop Smiling At His Sweet Christmas Gift

Jake Marr - Instagram

It can be hard to keep up with the news these days, when it seems like everything is moving so fast, and that everyone is always up in arms.

So we're giving you permission to sit back and relax for a few minutes, while you enjoy a video that perfectly captures the Christmas spirit.

Jake Marr
Jake Marr surprised his classmate Matthew with an early Christmas present.Jake Marr - Instagram

It comes courtesy of Jake Marr, a student from Phoenix, Arizona who decided to do something wonderful for a classmate with special needs.

Marr writes that his classmate, Matthew, is "probably the happiest kid I have ever met," and that he has a special love for cement trucks.

To spread Christmas cheer, Marr bought a cement truck for Matthew and surprised him at school with the gift wrapped present.

Yes, it's a little early for opening presents, but we're willing to make an exception in Matthew's case.

It was a small gesture from one student to another, but Marr's video reminds us all that we each have the power to spread joy, especially during the holidays.

[H/T: SunnySkyz]

Merry Christmas to these two, and to everyone reading this!

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