15 Clever Ways To Use Duct Tape That'll Save You Lots Of Time

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15 Clever Ways To Use Duct Tape That'll Save You Lots Of Time

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Many households around the world have a few roles of duct tape lying around. And that's how it should be!

Duct tape is so useful you might as well keep a roll in your bag.

This hard-working, sticky tape has some clever uses that will save you lots of time and money.

So get your money's worth by learning all these clever ways to use duct tape.

1. Opens tight lids

The amount of times I've had to ask for help to open a jar lid is embarrassing.

For example, my spaghetti will be cooking, and I can't for the life of open that tomato jar I need in the next few minutes.

While I'm stressing out because my food is about to be overcooked, my husband and son are competing to see who can open it first.

To end the struggle once and for all, cut a decent-sized piece of duct tape and place half of it on the top and side of the slide. Make sure it's not taped to the jar itself!

With the piece that's unstuck, pull on it until the lid twists off. Luckily, not much effort is needed.

2. Traps pests

Instead of buying flypaper to trap bugs or calling pest control, leave a few strips of duct tape wherever bugs like to accumulate.

All your worries will be solved in no time! I do this every year, especially after two summers of a cockroach infestation.

Sometimes duct tape alone won't help. You'll have to lure them on the sticky substance.

I like to use peanut butter, but brown sugar will also do the trick.

3. Picks up pet hair

Make a lint roller using only duct tape to pick up pet hair on your clothes and furniture.

All you need to do is take a long piece of duct tape, and then wrap it back around the roll so that the sticky side is facing outwards.

Keep rolling the makeshift roller on whatever surface you need to rid hair of.

4. Adds shoe grip

Wearing high heel shoes is tough enough, but if the soles have no grip, you're bound to hurt yourself.

Cut a few pieces of duct tape and place it on the soles of your slippery shoes.

Remember, this trick doesn't only work for high heels! The bottom of all shoes wear out over time.

Once the tape is fastened, use scissors to create ripples. This part is important because it's the ripples in the duct tape that add grip.

5. Removes a splinter

Splinters seem next to impossible to remove, especially if they're deep in your skin.

If you're like me, you can't bear the pain that comes from sewing needles and tweezers.

There are dozens of other home remedies to remove splinters, but the easiest one involves duct tape.

Slap it on the splinter and leave it for at least half an hour to an hour. Then remove the tape, and watch the splinter get pulled right out!

6. Protects floors

Over time, your beautiful wooden floors will be covered in scuffs and scratches if the legs of your furniture don't have a protective layer.

Put a small amount of duct tape on the bottom of chair legs to prevent these unwanted scratches from happening.

If you're worried about how this makes your furniture look, make sure the duct tape covers the bottom of the legs only, and isn't sticking out from the side.

7. Hides valuables

If you hide your spare key in a potted plant, under your door mat, or under a rock, you should stop now.

A friend of mine had items in her home stolen because she made the mistake of putting her spare key in the mailbox by her door.

We've all seen the same movies, so we know where all these "secret" hiding spots are.

Rip off a piece of duct tape and stick your key in the middle of it. Then stick it somewhere you'll remember.

But don't put it in any obvious hiding spots, get creative!

8. Helps remove warts

Warts are skin growths caused by a virus, so you definitely want to remove these as soon as possible.

The first time I got a wart I was a kid. I had my family doctor remove it for a fee. The scar is still there on my knee, and now I wish I knew this duct tape hack back in the day.

To get rid of a wart, all you need to do is cut off its oxygen supply.

Cover the area with gauze and then completely with duct tape. Leave it on for a week.  

Be careful that the duct tape doesn't rip off and that no water gets inside the seal, or else you'll have to start the process all over again.

9. Plugs holes

If you're in pinch and need to patch up a hole as soon as possible, go get your duct tape.

It will serve as a temporary solution until you find a better way to fix the problem.

That being said, I patched up a hole in my vacuum cleaner last year, and the duct tape is still going strong.  

10. Fixes shoelaces and prevents blisters

The ends of shoelaces tend to fall apart easily.

If you've got duct tape that comes in fun colors like red, blue, or green, use it to keep the ends of your shoe laces strong. This will also prevent your shoelaces from fraying.

Duct tape will also make it easier to break into your new shoes. Simply cut a piece of duct tape and place it at the back of your heel.

If you're worried about the tape sticking to your skin, put a very small piece of tape at the topline of the back of your shoe.

This will prevent your heel from causing friction with the new fabric.

These next five duct tape hacks are perfect for the summer...

11. Makes a rope

Duct tape is stronger than you think. If you've tried some of the hacks on this list before, then you already know that.

If you're in need of rope or a makeshift clothes line, duct tape will come to your rescue.

Cut three pieces of rope to whatever length you desire. Then fold each piece in half so that the sticky sides stick together.

Now you're left with three pieces of non-sticky duct tape. Start braiding these three pieces together to create the rope you need.

12. Repairs your tent

My husband throws away our camping tent every time there's a small hole in it. Then I'm forced to spend more than $100 hundred dollars to buy a new one.

I get it, holes in a tent cause havoc. Bugs will get in, possibly water, and definitely dirt. This can definitely ruin camping for some people.

Instead of tossing that tent out, use duct tape on both sides of the tear.

This strong sticky substance will save you time, money, and a headache.

13. Waterproofs shoes

If you garden, go to the beach, jog in the rain, or do any sort of activity that requires you to have waterproof shoes, one way to stay dry is to duct tape your footwear.

Make sure you're not putting tape on your favorite or brand new shoes, because you'll only ruin them.

Find a pair of old runners or boots that you can covert to waterproof shoes.

All you need to do is duct tape the thinner parts of the shoe, where water tends to trickle in.

14. Makes your dustpan work better

It seems impossible to get every single crumb or particle of dirt on your dustpan.

If you have OCD like me, then you definitely will want to keep note of this duct tape hack.

Once you're done sweeping, duct tape the dustpan to the floor.

This will create a bridge between the floor and the pan so that no crumbs slip through.

15. Protects wounds

If you just ran out of bandages or forgot where you put your first aid kit, protect your wounds using duct tape.

This hack is perfect if you're hiking or camping and you have a cut on your fingers or toes.

You can prevent them from getting infected or from the wound opening up by wrapping duct tape around the affected area.

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Which duct tape hack is your favorite?

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