Put A Clothespin On Your Ear And You'll Feel Instant Relief

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Put A Clothespin On Your Ear And You'll Feel Instant Relief

Forget computers and robots, the human body is the most complex machine of them all. Even if we are physically healthy, there are still some random aches and discomfort we feel from time to time, and they're often impossible to diagnose. This is where natural remedies and techniques like reflexology come in.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a form of alternative medicine which involves "systematic, manual stimulation of the reflex maps located on the feet, hands and outer ears that resembles a shape of the human body," according to the Reflexology Association of America.  

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These reflex zones "correspond to all glands, organs, parts and systems of the body," and applying pressure on them results in the "reduction of stress which promotes physiological changes in the body."

Although it is always recommended that you to talk to an expert, there is one easy way to reap the benefits of reflexology on your own. As per reflexologist Helen Chin Lui, "each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system."

So if you're ready to give it a try, all you need to get started is a clothespin.

1. Upper part of the ear

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The upper part of the ear connects to the back and shoulders. If you're feeling tension in those two areas, hold a clothespin on your ear for about 60 seconds. Repeat for a few minutes throughout the day for best results.

2. Top of the ear's curve

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Slightly under the upper part of the year is the spot that is linked to all of your internal organs. If you're feeling internal unease, then place the clothespin on the top part of the ear's curve to sooth the pain. However, if the pain persists, you should consult a doctor immediately.  

There's even a spot that helps soothe aching joints!

3. Upper-middle part of the ear

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If you experience stiffness and pain in the joints, simply use the clothespin to pinch the upper-middle part of the ear to get some relief.

4. Lower-middle part of the ear

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This section of the ear is connected to the throat and sinuses. To get relief from stuffy noses and congestion, place the clothespin in this spot.

5. Slightly above the earlobe

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Certain foods can be hard on the digestive system, so next time you feel uneasy after eating, or you're experiencing cramps, pinch the spot just above the earlobe and you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

6. The earlobe

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The earlobe works with two of the most important organs in the body - the heart and the head. Apply pressure to it to relieve headaches, including migraines, and certain cardiovascular problems.

You can watch the video to better understand pressure points:

Have you ever tried reflexology? Let us know!

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