Clothing Company Now Making Affordable Plus-Size Wedding Gowns

The bridal industry has been guilty of (literally) slim pickings for a long time. If you aren't what they consider a "typical" body-type, good luck finding a wedding gown. And if you DO find one, be ready to spend a butt-load of money.

But now, Canadia plus-sized clothing retailer, Additon Elle, has launched its own line of stunning plus-sized wedding gowns that are actually affordable! The dresses run from a size 12 to 26 and offer many different style options. Considering the average clothing size of women is between a 12 and 14, it's shocking no one has done this sooner!

"We saw that there was a demand for bridal wear in the curvy market, so it was only natural for us to [fill it]," the brand said in a statement. "We are excited to bring this new category to our customers that offers unparalleled quality and fit for a great value."

The dresses run from $240 to $380, which is incredible. Now if only there was a way they could make everything else cost less, too..

Take a look at these amazing gowns and tell me you wouldn't wear them!!





Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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