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Clove Oil Is The Homemade Remedy That Will Soothe Your Toothache

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I have a very high tolerance for pain, so most of the time when I have a headache or stomach pains, I just let it run its course or just sleep it off. I can't say the same about toothaches.

A toothache is arguably the worst pain out there, and sometimes taking painkillers can only do so much.

Not too long ago, one of my wisdom teeth became infected and it was such an agonizing experience. I wasn't able to see a dentist right away, so I spent two whole days unable to talk, eat or even sleep properly.

In the search for relief options, I came across a ton of recommendations for an intriguing remedy: clove oil.

Dr. Axe

According to, cloves contain eugenol, a natural anesthetic and antibacterial, that will lower pain and reduce inflammation.

Clove oil is available in most grocery stores, drugstores, or natural food stores, but you can also easily make it yourself at home and save a lot of money.

It's really easy to make and a little goes a long way, so it's a good idea to always have some on hand because a toothache can happen without warning.

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