Congresswoman Gives "Live" Interview On 2 Different Stations

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Congresswoman Gives "Live" Interview On 2 Different Stations

Does the term "Live" need an asterisk now? Looks like that may be the case after someone uploaded a video that showed California Congresswoman Jackie Speier giving a live interview on both CNN and MSNBC.

Problem is only one of those appears to have actually been live.

The video, posted to LiveLeak can be seen here.

It clearly shows the same woman, Speier, wearing a red blazer answering Chris Matthews' questions live on MSNBC. The channel flips and there she is, same red blazer answering a different question "live" on CNN.


How did she do it!?

It's not magic, it's actually just a suspicious practice on one, or both, of the news agencies part. Clearly one of the video interviews was taped prior to broadcast. If you look at Speir's Twitter account it seems to imply that CNN was the one who taped the interview.

There's been no comment from either CNN, MSNBC or Speier.

Speier appeared on both shows to answer questions about the vote on Trumpcare.

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