Cop Accidentally Uses Taser On His Partner While Making An Arrest

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Police officers have a variety of tools at their disposal for making sure they are able to do their jobs. One of those tools is the taser, a device capable of delivering powerful, mostly non-fatal, electric shocks from a distance. Officers are trained in the safe use of the device, as well as when it is appropriate to use it.

Richmond Times-Dispatch

One thing that isn't included in the training is what to do when you accidentally taze your partner, but that is what happened during an arrest on Thanksgiving of last year. The officers involved were responding to a domestic violence situation which turned into pulling the suspect from his vehicle. It was during the struggle on the ground that the accident occurred.

During the struggle, one officer pulls out his taser before pulling the trigger and releasing the electrically charged metal prongs. One hit the suspect, but the other found its way into the other officer's side.

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