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Cops Give Special Needs Boy A Day He'll Never Forget

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Inspired by her youngest son who has special needs, a South Dakota photographer decided to make the dreams of three young boys come true.

"When Halloween was approaching, I came up with the idea to reach out to the community and see if there were any special needs children that wanted to be in their costumes and live out their dreams," Carrie Lewis of Glass Crown Photography wrote.

With over 100 families reaching out to her, she found three boys that all wanted to be cops.

13-year-old Zane is a nonverbal boy with down syndrome, 7-year-old Elliot has bilateral club foot, a coloboma in his left eye and four dead spots in his brain. He was just diagnosed with cerebral palsy in his legs. The third boy, 11-year-old Owen, has Angelman syndrome, an incurable disorder that causes several developmental disabilities and affect the nerves.

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