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Owner Brings Her Dog To The Beach And Creates The Cutest 'Little Mermaid' Video Ever

Who says mermaids have to be half human and half fish?

Meet Haiku, a real life mermaid Corgi from Chaiyaphum, Thailand! She loves going to the beach with her two roommates Sukjai and Di Di, where she paddles around in the surf with her tongue out.

Her owner outfits her with a lovely blue and purple tail, and Haiku is quite content to believe she's just like the Little Mermaid.

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You can't watch the video and not smile...Haiku is the cutest mer-corgi you've ever seen!

Junie House Ní ng tiíªn cá mập

2 ví¢y xinh xinh, cá mập bÆ¡i trong bể nÆ°á»›c :v Béo thế bảo sao hoí ng tá»­ bỏ Ä‘i huhu * 2 cutie fins, Ariel in the sea. Too fat so the prince left huhu Credit belong to: ไกด์น้องหมาDoghall พาเที่ยว

Posted by Junie House - Cún Siíªu Phí m on Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's no surprise that Haiku and her costume went viral when her owner posted videos and pictures of her on Facebook. She's the perfect little diva and we love her!

ไกด์น้องหมาDoghall(ไฮกุ)...แปลงร่าง ณ บัดนี้

Posted by ไกด์น้องหมาDoghall พาเที่ยว on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

But Haiku doesn't just sit on the shore and enjoy the lapping surf. She also likes to go on adventures out on the sea with her two comrades. In this video, all three pups enjoy a float on an inflatable raft.


Posted by ไกด์น้องหมาDoghall พาเที่ยว on Friday, March 24, 2017

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