Cotton Candy Grapes Are Back, So Where Can You Buy Them?


Cotton Candy Grapes Are Back, So Where Can You Buy Them?

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I guess I'm just behind the times, but today I heard of something for the first time ever: cotton candy grapes. At first I thought it was just grape flavored cotton candy, but it's actually the other way around!

Cotton candy grapes are naturally modified green grapes that taste like everyone'e favorite sugary carnival snack. Through an entirely natural process, the fruit becomes more like a candy than anything else!


Since the process of making cotton candy grapes is pretty extensive and time consuming, they only come around once a year...until this year, that is!

There are two major producers of these sweet fruits, and their in-season dates happen to off-set each other.

Arizona's Divine Flavor and the California-based company Grapery have both released their expected release dates for this year, and it means you can enjoy cotton candy grapes for five whole months this year. Talk about timing!

Divine Flavor/Twitter

Divine Flavor has already released their grapes, which were available starting in May.

They sell their grapes in 2-, 3-, and 16-pound packages, so you can decide just how much you want to enjoy the cotton candy flavor!

As for Grapery, their cotton candy grapes will be available starting in August through September. According to them, the flavor is better once the grapes have been chilled.

If you're looking to buy some cotton candy grapes, they are available to purchase at the following stores (depending on your location):

  • Costco
  • Whole Foods
  • Sprouts
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Safeway
  • Fresh Market
  • Raley's Supermarkets
  • Certain Target locations

People who have tried the unique flavor of grapes seem to love them!

I'll give these a shot, but I'll be more impressed when they come out with Funnel Cake Grapes!


Have you tried Cotton Candy Grapes before?

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