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Country World Grieves After Losing A Legend Just Months After A Rare Diagnosis

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The music industry was devastated to learn of the sudden passing of Lari White, who rocked the gospel and southern rock scene for decades.

White was a legendary performer and award-winning producer, who not only wrote hits for her own albums, but helped lift the careers of other artists along the way.

Her career began while performing with her family's Gospel band in Florida, where she was born. Achieving stardom through a talent show, White released her debut album "Wishes" that rocketed to the top of the charts. She would go on to win several Grammy awards for her work.

With many hit songs over the course of decades, White turned her attention to producing the music of other artists, becoming the first first female producer of a male superstar, Toby Keith.

The star's family announced earlier this week that White had passed away while in hospice care, surrounded by loved ones. Since then, there has been a flood of tributes and touching messages from the country music industry in response to her death.

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