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Study Says Couples Who Tease Each Other Are The Happiest

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A recent study published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that couples who are able to laugh at each other and joke about their faults stick together the longest.

Researchers had 154 couples answer online surveys about their happiness and relationships, including whether they could put up with being laughed at, if they like to laugh at others, and how satisfying their sex lives were.

Smiling couple
The happiest couples see eye-to-eye about teasing - whether they like it or not.SnapwireSnaps - Pixabay

In cases where both members of a couple felt the same way about teasing, they reported being happier in their relationship. In general, couples where both people didn't mind being teased proved to be happiest in their relationships (and enjoyed their sex lives the most out of anyone in the survey).

Meanwhile, couples who saw being teased as a negative were less happy overall, and more mistrustful of their partners.

In couples where at least one partner reported enjoying laughing at other people, arguments were more common. But overall, couples who both shared the same views about teasing were likely to be happy together.

Angry couple
Couples who were more sensitive to teasing tended to be less happy overall.Rawpixel - PXhere

The researchers stress that a good sense of humor about yourself is not a guarantee that you'll only ever have happy relationships. It just seems to show that understanding your partner's sense of humor, and their boundaries about teasing, can build a solid foundation for your relationship.

The fact that compatible couples seem to be the happiest (whether they approve of teasing or not) suggests that understanding your partner's emotions could be more significant than your sense of humor.

While you could dig through scientific journals for more proof that the study is right, we know a few celebrity couples who are living proof that a little teasing builds a loving bond.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are known for taunting each other on social media, including when they hilariously cropped each other out of their birthday posts on Instagram:

Ryan Reynolds
Reynolds cropped his wife, Blake Lively, out of her own birthday post.Ryan Reynolds - Instagram
Blake Lively
But Lively got revenge on her husband with a well cropped birthday photo.Blake Lively - Instagram

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have also poked fun at each other online. Like when Chrissy Teigen was stuck at home with their baby boy, Miles, while Legend was off at the Billboard Music Awards:

Teigen also teased her beau about how much he looks like a certain children's cartoon character by sharing this image.

John Legend Arthur
Fans (and Teigen) like to joke that John Legend looks like the cartoon character Arthur.Deen Ally - Instagram

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Do you and your spouse tease each other? Do you agree that it brings you closer together?

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