Watch: Courteney Cox's Daughter Shows Off Her Incredible Voice


Watch: Courteney Cox's Daughter Shows Off Her Incredible Voice

Felicia C. Sullivan - Wikimedia / Courteney Cox - Instagram

We often say that talent runs through famous families, but kids don't always have the same skills as their parents.

Friends star Courteney Cox, 54, proved that with a sweet video of her daughter, Coco, performing at a recent charity concert.

Courteney Cox
Coco shared the stage with the lead singer from Snow Patrol.Chords 2 Cure - Instagram

In the clip, the 14-year-old shared the stage with Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody for a duet of the band's biggest hit, "Chasing Cars."

The proud mom was right to tape the performance, because little Coco showed off an impressive voice, and held her own on stage with the professional singer.

Cox wrote that she has "overwhelming gratitude to [Lightbody] for sharing his time to perform at [Chords 2 Cure]."

"I just love watching Coco and Gary sing together."

Arquette has bragged about encouraging her daughter's musical gift before, calling her "an incredible singer."

"She's got this instrument in her voice that I want to be backed up with either guitar, piano, I don't care, but she has to have an activity," she told People. "That I'm strict about."

Courteney Cox Johnny McDaid
Cox has dated Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid on and off for several years. Courteney Cox - Instagram

It turns out Cox has a special connection to Snow Patrol that gave her daughter the chance to take the stage. She was once engaged to Lightbody's bandmate Johnny McDaid, 42, and while the pair never tied the knot they're still together and happy as can be.

"We broke off our engagement and he moved to England, then we got back together and it's actually better than it was before," Cox told Ellen DeGeneres in January.

But Cox shares her daughter with ex-husband David Arquette, who she divorced in 2013 after almost 15 years together.

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