Crayola Finally Revealed Which Color They're Retiring

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Crayola Finally Revealed Which Color They're Retiring

Earlier this week we shared with you Crayola's decision to retire one of its iconic crayons. Although the company wanted to keep us guessing until the scheduled Facebook live-stream today, the plan didn't work after a Twitter user leaked the news a day early.

On Thursday, the world learned that the color leaving the box is Dandelion.

Crayola confirmed the news to its followers on Twitter by posting an animated video featuring an adventurous Mr. Dandelion reflecting on his past experiences and bidding farewell.

The shade was one of 4 yellowish hues along with "yellow," "yellow green" and "green yellow" but judging from the reactions on social media, Dandelion seemed to have had quite the fan following.

Crayola will still proceed with the Facebook live stream which will take place this morning. In case you're still not convinced, the company's publicist confirmed via Huffington Post that this isn't an April Fools' joke.

Dandelion will go on to live in Crayola's Hall of Fame but you'll no longer find it in the classic 24 or 64-count boxes. A color is expected to take its place in May and the company will hold a naming contest in anticipation.

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