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A Woman Suffered From Crohn's Disease For Six Years, Only To Discover It Was Just Ketchup

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From the time that we became toddlers, society has been telling us that there are things that you just shouldn't put in your body. Whether it's our favorite Fisher Price toy, a Hot Wheels car, crayons, or even Lego pieces, the man's been telling us for years that those colorful bits of plastic aren't as tasty as they look.

While most of us end up learning this lesson, it seems that every day there's another adult who reverts back to being a 3-year-old and ends up with something in their body that really, REALLY shouldn't be there.


Whether it's a man swallowing a Playmobil toy and it getting absorbed into his lungs, or a woman getting a piece of glitter stuck in her eye (only for it to be diagnosed as herpes), fewer and fewer people seem to be learning this important lesson that we all need to know. Worse still, these incidents have led to these people developing some pretty significant health issues.

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However, this newest case has to take the cake. A woman had been suffering from Crohn's disease, only for an x-ray to reveal that she had swallowed something she shouldn't have, which was now stuck in her intestines...

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