Is It A Crow Or A Cat? This Optical Illusion Has The Public Seriously Confused

Ian Kirk/Wikimedia Commons, jugendweihebb/Pixabay

Anyone who loves a good optical illusion knows that the longer it takes you to see the image, the better the visual trick is.

We've seen countless images before, where we've tried to decipher whether we see combined animals, objects, or people depicted in a single sketch.

A duck-rabbit illusion
What did you see first, a duck or a rabbit?Wikimedia Commons

But while they're all fun to solve, the latest optical illusion to hit the web has every social media user in a frenzy.

Is it a cat or a crow?

On October 27, Robert Maguire shared real head-scratcher on Twitter when he posted a picture of a black animal standing on a tiled floor.

While the public were split on whether they were looking at a cat or a crow, Maguire revealed the animal in question was in fact a furry feline.

"This picture of a crow is interesting's actually a cat," he captioned his photo.

Although you rarely hear about a person confusing a bird with a house pet, it's easy to see why they'd confuse the two species with each other.

At first glace, the cat's ears resemble a bird's beak, and in the photo the cat's tail isn't shown, it's standing in an upright position, and is as dark as a crow.

When social media users loved the real-life optical illusion, and shared their reactions on Twitter.

Another Twitter user pointed out that while the photo had originally fooled her, crows have blue and brown eyes, as opposed to this cat's yellow.

Someone else chimed in that Google was also confused, as a reverse image search suggested that the cat was actually an American crow.

Were you fooled by the optical illusion? Let us know in the comments!

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