Dad Posts Picture Of Breastfeeding, But People Are Mad When They See What He Is Doing

Dean Harrington and his girlfriend, Rainah, welcomed a baby girl named Arley one month ago.

The doting dad, who built an empire on the clothing store The Mad Huey's, shared a picture to his 60,000 Instagram followers of Arley being breastfed by Rainah.

But when his followers saw what Dean was doing, they quickly turned on the internet star.

In the photo, Dean appears to be "breastfeeding" as well, and captioned the photo "We're sharing, this is bull s*** hahahaha"


The post was liked thousands of times by his followers, but Instagram ended up taking the photo down due to "inappropriate content."

Dean Harrington told Daily Mail that the post was just a joke, and the whole thing was staged. But after the post was deleted he didn't bother to re-post it.

Many people were upset that Dean was taking a moment between mother and daughter, and trying to turn it into something more sexually suggesting. Others thought it wasn't a big deal at all.

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