Watch: Dad Gets Hilarious Makeover From His Beauty Blogger Son


Watch: Dad Gets Hilarious Makeover From His Beauty Blogger Son

ethanisupreme - Instagram

Supportive parents know it's important to bond with their children over their hobbies and interests. But when your children are worlds apart from you, it can be difficult to forge a bond with them.

One dad is earning kudos from parents across the country for the unusual way he supported his son's interests, and got a glamorous makeover at the same time.

Ethan Peters makeup
Ethan has been filming makeup tutorials since he was just 11 years old.ethanisupreme - Instagram

Ethan Peters, 15, is a beauty blogger from Texas with more than 440,000 followers on his Instagram page, @ethanisupreme, where he posts makeup tutorials and transformations.

He also uses his makeup skills to earn extra cash at weddings and proms in his area.

In a special video last month, Ethan's doting dad agreed to get a makeover from his son, letting him apply makeup, lip gloss, fake lashes, and eye shadow in a hilarious and sweet video.

Ethan told BuzzFeed News his dad spent two hours altogether in the makeup chair to achieve the full effect. He also revealed it took months of coaxing before his dad finally agreed to sit down for the video.

"My mom was grossed out," he said.

Ethan made it clear that his dad does not normally support makeup (this was his first time wearing any), but agreed to go under the brush to support him. At the end of the video, when he let his hair down, the transformation was complete.

It took two hours to complete the glamorous makeover.ethanisupreme - Instagram

"I've never been more uncomfortable in my life," Ethan laughed.

"I look like I'm on Ru Paul's Drag Race," his dad joked.

Commenters were quick to cheer on Ethan and his dad for the cute video.

"Father of the year," one wrote.

In a separate post on Valentine's Day, which also happens to be his father's birthday, Ethan shared some of the other ways his dad has supported him through the years.

Father son makeover
There's no word on whether Ethan's dad will ever agree to another makeover.ethanisupreme - Instagram

"As I have basically grown up on the internet my dad (and mom) has been always crazy supportive of me," he wrote. "When I was kicked out of my private Christian school for being gay he was 100% there for me."

"Coolest/ best dad award goes to him!" one of Ethan's fans wrote.

Visit Ethan's Instagram page for more of his makeup videos.

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Here's to Ethan and supportive parents like his dad!

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