Dairy Queen Blizzards Are Buy-One-Get-One-For-$1 Until The End Of The Week

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Dairy Queen Blizzards Are Buy-One-Get-One-For-$1 Until The End Of The Week

Dairy Queen

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It's not exactly sweltering outside, but if you can enjoy a sweet, icy treat any time of year, then Dairy Queen has a deal for you.

The chain is enticing customers with a BOGO deal that offers a second frozen Blizzard for just $1, and the promotion is already underway.

On March 8, Dairy Queen started slashing the price of your second Blizzard to just 99 cents. The deal lasts until Sunday, March 17, so your days to enjoy this double-dose of dairy delight are numbered.

Blizzard Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

Also, take note that the cheaper Blizzard of the pair will always be the one reduced to 99 cents (Dairy Queen is smart like that).

The offer is a great way to ring in spring and treat that special someone to frozen dessert without breaking the bank.

And it's also a thrifty way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, since this month's Blizzard of the month is a green, Mint Oreo-flavored snack.

Mint Blizzard Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen

There's a host of others deals on offer this month for customers who download the Dairy Queen app: you can get a small sundae for $1.50, a GrillBurger for $3, a small shake for $1.50, a free drink with any burger purchase, or free soft pretzel stick baskets from a BOGO deal.

You can check Dairy Queen's website to find a participating location near you.

Don't miss your chance for a cheap but delicious frozen treat!

Will you be sharing your second Blizzard with someone else? Or enjoying two yourself?

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