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Dale Earnhardt Jr. And His Wife Are House Flippers - And Their First Home Is Stunning

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Leaving one career for another is tough, especially when you don't have many transferable skills.

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has learned that the hard way this past year, as he transitioned into his new job as a reality TV host.

Earnhardt and his wife, Amy, are now flipping homes on the DIY Network series Renovations Realities: Dale Jr. & Amy.

But photos from the couple's first job prove they might be cut out for house flipping after all.

One Tough Build

The pair aren't totally clueless when it comes to home renovations.

Earnhardt's family own several rental properties that they spruce up, and Amy is an interior designer.

In fact, she met Earnhardt and stole his heart while designing the driver's custom home in North Carolina.

The pair had picked out a historic home in Key West, Florida as a renovation project before pitching their show to TV networks.

While the location was great, a careless former owner and the local wildlife had made a mess of the property.

After spending $1.2 million on the home in 2015, the Earnhardts had to fend off feral cats, termites, and a huge hive of bees that nested inside the home.

Then, work shut down for more than a month as Hurrican Irma ripped through Florida.

But despite the many unwelcome surprises during their shoot, the couple left their mark on the home in a great way.

All This And Still Under Budget

Looking at the house now, you could never guess it was originally built in 1923.

At just under 2,000 square feet, the home has plenty of room for entertaining both inside and out.

The Earnhardts added features like an outdoor kitchen, pool, spa, and deck, which are all perfect for soaking up the Florida sun in comfort.

They also added an additional guest bedroom and bathroom, bringing the home's total up to three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

Special touches like new hardwood floors, wicker furniture, and French doors add to the "beach-chic" look the Earnhardts were going for.

And there are comfortable features, like a spacious steam shower in the master bathroom.

The pair even left their mark on the house by writing their initials in the concrete.

Despite all the new additions, the whole project finished under the Earnhardts' $900,000 budget, and recently sold for $2.6, meaning they made more than half a million dollars on the home.

Did we mention these two busy builders are also new parents?

They welcomed their first child together, Isla Rose Earnhardt, in May, and were building the house while Amy was still pregnant!

After a project as challenging as this, it seems like the Earnhardts can accomplish anything!

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