Actor Danny Masterson Mourns Cousin Killed In Terrorist Attack

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Actor Danny Masterson Mourns Cousin Killed In Terrorist Attack

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Earlier this week, news of a dramatic terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya shook the world.

Militant group al Shabaab took credit for the assault on a hotel complex using guns and explosives that claimed at least 21 lives.

And while the story happened far away from the United States, one of the victims brought the tragedy of the attack home to America, especially for That "˜70s Show actor Danny Masterson and his family.

Danny Masterson
Masterson revealed one of the victims in the Nairobi attack was his cousin, Jason Spindler.Mitchell Weinstock - Flickr / Danny Masterson - Instagram

Shortly after news broke that American businessman Jason Spindler had been killed in the attack, Masterson revealed that Spindler was his cousin in an angry and emotional social media post.

"Scumbags known as Al-Shabaab attacked a hotel in Kenya as we all now know," the actor wrote on Instagram. "They killed two dozen people including my/our cousin #JasonSpindler."

"I know these cowards, who weren't already killed, will die slow painful deaths and we will dance on their graves," Masterson continued. "You disgrace Islam and you disgrace the beautiful people of the Muslim world. You justify your actions as holy but no Higher Being admits your existence. You are f"”ing pieces of s"”."

"Godspeed my Texas cuz," he ended the post. "Your family will never be the same."

Jason Spindler
Spindler was a business developer and former Peace Corps member.Chris Schroeder - Twitter

Spindler's tragic story has a heartbreaking twist: he was reportedly working at 7 World Trade Center during the 2001 attacks, but luckily arrived to work late on the morning of September 11.

His mother, Sarah, shared his achievements as a member of the Peace Corps with NBC News.

"We all miss him so much," she said. "And it's so sad that such a bright young person is taken away by terrorism."

While Masterson is mourning his cousin, more trouble is brewing for the star, who was fired from his Netflix series The Ranch following a number of sexual assault allegations against him.

Danny Masterson
Masterson has denied of string of sexual assault allegations leveled against him.Netflix

Masterson's accusers will reportedly appear on Leah Remini's reality series, Scientology and the Aftermath, next month to share their stories.

The episode was previously pulled from A&E's schedule because of concerns from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office.

Masterson has denied all claims against him so far.

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Rest in peace Jason Spindler. We're keeping him and his family in our prayers.

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