David Beckham Wears Green Eyeshadow On Magazine Cover And Fans Love It

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David Beckham Wears Green Eye Makeup On Magazine Cover And Fans Are Loving It


Green may have been Pantone's color of the year in 2017, but you would think they have chosen it again because it is having quite the moment.

From Catherine Zeta-Jones and Idris Elba's green outfits at the recent Golden Globes Awards to David Beckham's emerald eye shadow on the cover of a magazine.

The soccer star's fans were pleasantly surprised to see him rocking the bright eye makeup as LOVE magazine's 20.5 cover star.

The 43-year-old is photographed staring into the distance while wearing a white blazer and button-down shirt that gives us a glimpse at his tattoos, which are also painted green to match the striking hue on his eyes.

While it may come as a shock to those who don't know Beckham well, for his longtime fans the decision to wear bright eye makeup isn't totally unexpected.

The father of four is not only married to one of the worlds biggest fashion designers and style icons, he also owns his own clothing and grooming line, regularly models for fashion and skincare brands, and has repeatedly appears on the best-dressed lists.

The athlete-turned-fashion mogul has never been one to shy away from making bold fashion statements. He often coordinated outfits with Victoria, and let's be honest, he was rocking the man bun years before it became trendy.

In 1998, he made headlines for wearing a sarong over his pants for date night with his wife.

"Sarongs are great. That's one thing I never regret because I thought it looked great and I would still wear it now," Beckham said in a 2014 interview with ITV.

While Beckham isn't the first man to wear eye makeup, he because he generally doesn't do so, fans couldn't help but lose their cool over the daring look, with some calling it "iconic."

"If he's wearing eyeshadow... IM HERE FOR IT!✨" wrote one Instagram user. Another added, "This is everything I never knew I needed."

"Real men wear eyeshadow "” and look hot af. The end," wrote one fan. "Ultra in love w this shoot," chimed in another.

What do you think of Beckham's green eye makeup?

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