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Mary Ann From "˜Gilligan's Island' Asks Fans To Save Her From Bankruptcy

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Actress Dawn Wells, known to the world as her character Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, is asking her fans to rescue her from crushing debt.

Wells starred on all three seasons of the classic sitcom, and was a regular fixture on TV in the 1960s.

Gilligan's Island

As her career declined, Wells was mainly known for reprising her iconic role on special crossover episodes of other TV shows, including ALF and Baywatch.

Now 79, Wells says she is drowning in medical debts, and is asking fans to chip in to pay them down.

TMZ reported that the star is seeking almost $200,000 from supporters to help her get out of the red.

A GoFundMe page set up on Wells' behalf explains that she is "desperate" for cash because of an "unexpected accident that required hospitalization for two months."

Dawn Wells
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It also claims that the treatment "came close to killing" the TV star.

The page was set up by Wells' friend and hairstylist, Dugg Kirkpatrick, who revealed that Wells broke her knee and is still recovering from the surgery.

Kirkpatrick also told TMZ that Wells has been struggling to pay the IRS since 2008, when the financial crash wiped out her savings.

"I just don't know what happened!" Wells is quoted as saying. "I thought I would be just fine , but apparently I'm not."

"I've found myself with no home, husband or kids. I thank god everyday that I have friends and fans who care or this whole thing would be too overwhelming!"

In total, the fundraiser hopes to collect $194,000, to "alleviate penalties by the IRS (which are compounded daily) and to pay her hospital costs."

Wells seemed to confirm the fundraiser is legitimate in a post on her official, verified Facebook page.

"A dear dear friend of mine with a big heart was trying to help me with some common issues we all understand and some must face," she wrote.

Dawn Wells
Wells in 2015.GabboT - Wikimedia

"He [created] that page with the love [and] emotion like someone protecting their child."

By Friday, the fundraiser had already collected more than $120,000.

In an update, Kirkpatrick claims that Wells has been moved into a retirement village in Glendale, California specifically designed to accommodate aging film and TV stars.

He said that Wells had applied to join the village before, but the star was allegedly turned down because of her huge debts.

As for any extra money raised, Kirkpatrick said it would be put into a fund for Wells' living expenses, while her representative, Harlan Boll, told USA Today it might be returned to fans.

Kirkpatrick claims Wells - who has no children and is not married - has no other family to support her.

"I am grateful to any of my fans who are willing to offer support," Wells wrote on Facebook. "However, please know that my outlook is positive and I look forward to seeing you all in my travels."

You can visit the GoFundMe page for Dawn Wells through this link.

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Will you be donating to Wells' fundraiser?

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