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Why The Man Responsible For Demi Lovato's Overdose Won't Go To Jail

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More than a month after her nearly fatal overdose, pop star Demi Lovato, 26, is recovering at a rehab facility out of the spotlight.

But the man who allegedly sold Lovato the dose that almost killed her, Brandon Johnson, has spoken candidly about giving her the drugs.

Despite his on-camera confession, police say Johnson is not even being investigated.

The Night Of

Lovato was rushed to hospital on July 24, after a her panicked assistant found the singer unconscious and called 911.

Hours earlier, Johnson said he had received a 4 a.m. text message from Lovato, asking him to come to her home.

When he arrived, Johnson gave Lovato "aftermarket" pills, which can be much stronger than regular pharmaceuticals, and says he smoked the ground up pills with her.

But Johnson insists that Lovato "knew the risks" of what she was taking, and denies any knowledge they were laced with drugs like fentanyl.

"I'm not sure what was mixed in the pills," he told TMZ.

"But for any one to think there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous. I'm not here to hurt anybody. I care for her very much, she means a lot to me."

Johnson says he left Lovato's home around 8 or 9 a.m., after she fell asleep, and that she seemed fine when he left.

Lovato's assistant found her overdosed around 11:30 a.m., and quickly called 911. The singer was revived with a life-saving shot of Narcan, and spent two weeks recovering in hospital.

No Charges

So why isn't Johnson behind bars after his on-camera confession?

Police told TMZ that Lovato's overdose is a medical emergency - and considered self-induced because she took the drugs.

Notably, Johnson's confession to TMZ mentions taking drugs with Lovato but not selling them to her.

Johnson was reportedly arrested for drug possession in March and June.

In his interview, Johnson called the moment "a wake up call" for Lovato, but also said it taught him how dangerous drugs can be.

"In the wrong hands and in the wrong usage, they can be hurtful. I'm not trying to hurt my friend, she's a really good friend of mine."

Lovato remains in a rehab center on the East Coast, and has not issued a statement to her fans since August 5th.

A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

"I now need time to heal and focus on my sobriety and road to recovery," Lovato wrote on Instagram.

"I want to thank God for keeping me alive and well. To my fans, I am forever grateful for all of your love and support throughout this past week and beyond."

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We're wishing Lovato all the best as she continues rehab!

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