10 Unusual Warning Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore

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10 Unusual Warning Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore

In general, most people have heard of depression. They know that it is an overwhelming feeling of sadness, one that is hard to treat and just as hard to understand. There is a lot that is going on in the mind of someone suffering with depression, and no two sufferers experience the same things.

It can be hard to diagnose depression, because a lot of the people suffering like to downplay their condition. They think it's not that bad, they try ignore it, or are often too afraid to seek help. A lot of times it is up to the people around them to make them realize what's actually going on, but to do that you need to know what the symptoms are.

Depression doesn't always present in the same way, there are often some really bizarre symptoms that are trying to warn you that something is wrong. These 10 symptoms are some of the more unusual indicators of depression.


1. Lack of Hygiene

If you notice that you or someone you love has stopped taking care of themselves the same way that they used to, that might mean that they are suffering from depression. Simple things like washing and brushing your hair or brushing your teeth can start to seem unnecessary when you are depressed.

2. Excessive Guilt

If you find that you are constantly blaming yourself for things you have absolutely no control over that may be an indication that there is something more serious going on.

3. Irritability


Depression isn't all just sadness, sometimes it presents as anger and hostility towards the people nearby. Being irritable actually is indicative of severe depression and should be addressed quickly.

4. Obsessive Work Habits

If someone is suddenly becoming a workoholic, it might be because they are using their job to distract them from their life. It acts as a drug, helping them escape the parts of their life they can't control and focus on the things they can.

5. Addictive Internet Behavior

Whether someone is addicted to gambling, shopping, or even Facebook, trying to use these self-medicating coping mechanisms is a sign they are having issues. They may be using the internet to gain some level of companionship, or even just escaping their regular day, but either way, it becomes a short-term coping mechanism that is not sustainable.


6. Empty and Numb Feeling

Depression isn't always this overwhelming sadness that leaves you sobbing for hours, sometimes it can be described as "Zombie" behavior. There are no emotions at all, whether happy or sad, and they seem distant and aloof. They feel unmotivated and blank, and have issues socializing or accomplishing anything.

7. Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Emotional eating can be a big part of depression, and obesity is often linked to the mental illness. On the flip side, other people may lose the motivation to eat and end up losing a significant amount of weight. Every person is different, but either way, it can become a dangerous issue.

8. Chronic Pain


75% of people with depression will also experience recurring and chronic pain. Often it can present as neck or lower back pain, but can also lead to stomachaches, headaches, other chronic pains as well.

9. Lack of Attention Span

Frequent daydreaming is often thought to be done by those who are creative, but it also can be done by those who are having issues focusing.

10. Falling and Clumsiness

Because they tend to be distracted, they have an increased likelihood of falling or knocking things over.

If you or someone your know is having issues with depression, find some help here.

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