Details About Trump's "Beast" Released

You've heard of Air Force One, but have you heard of Cadillac One? That's the technical name for the car that President Donald Trump rides in when he goes cruising around Washington. There's another more common name for it however: The Beast. Take a look inside and you'll see that it earns its name.

The Beast

Manufactured by General Motors, The Beast is half-tank half-Cadillac, and it's spared no expense in protecting the life of the president. It has hundreds of features that you'll never see advertised by your local car dealer including: tear gas grenade launchers, Armor-plated doors, machine gun and even its own blood bank of the president's type.

GM was paid approximately $15 million to develop the latest features and at a cost of nearly $1.5 million each, it's a good thing that this car is nearly indestructible, although there will be more than one of these behemoth's parked in Washington. President Obama has approximately 12 cars during his administration.

The Beast Driving

Trump isn't the first president to ride around in such a monster, although this latest edition is by far the most impressive. Cadillac One has been in service since 1983, although cars made by other manufacturers were used before then.

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