Diana Ross' Grandson Won America's Heart With Adorable Speech About Her

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Diana Ross' Grandson Won America's Heart With Adorable Speech About Her

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At the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday, all the attention was supposed to be on Diana Ross as she delivered her 75th birthday performance, but she was slightly upstaged by an adorable nine-year-old.

Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, the grandson of the legendary singer, stole America's heart when he took to the stage to introduce his "grandmommy."

The big-haired kid brought out the jokes, dance moves, and gave a sweet speech that turned him into a viral sensation.

Raif-Henok, whose mother is Ross' daughter Rhonda, jokingly called host Alicia Keys out for describing him as "a distinguished little guy."

"Did she say "˜little guy'?" he asked. "I'm almost 4-foot-9!"

Once he got the crowd warmed up, he praised Ross for being so influential before welcoming her to the stage.

"She has shown the world that nothing is beyond our reach," the youngster said. "So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome by grandmommy, Diana Ross!"

Raif-Henok is definitely a tough act to follow, but of course, Ross brought the Staples Center crowd to their feet with a medley of hits, including "The Best Years of My Life."

Although her birthday is not until March 26, the Supremes singer took advantage of the moment and adorably shouted "Happy Birthday to Me!" in between songs.

She also had a special message for the audience, echoing some of Michelle Obama's words from earlier in the night about the power of music.

"Together we have no limits. There's only success ahead, and you can lead the way," Ross said. "Learn, dream, unlock new doors. All is possible with music and with you."

Check out the entire introduction and performance in the video below:

Ross's performance earned her the title of the "Queen of Grammys" and had fans calling her "an American treasure."

It was a family affair at the Grammys as Raif's grandfather, Motown Records founder Barry Gordy, was also celebrated.

Smokey Robinson and Jennifer Lopez led a controversial Motown tribute to mark the 60th anniversary of the label that helped launch the careers of many notable artists, including Ross, Robinson, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Boyz II Men.

If Raif-Henok follows in his family's footsteps, there's no doubt that he too will have a successful career in the industry. He's definitely got the charisma and confidence that it takes to make it big.

What did you think of little Raif's speech and Ross' performance?

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