Dick Van Dyke Hilariously Stole The Show At The Golden Globes


Dick Van Dyke Hilariously Stole The Show At The Golden Globes

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If you ever told yourself you're too old to revitalize your career, think again, because Dick Van Dyke just recaptured our hearts at 93.

As the actor joked on the red carpet at this year's Golden Globes, "I get a good picture every 50 years."

In fact, Van Dyke, who attended the show to support his Mary Poppins Returns co-stars, was last nominated for a Golden Globe 47 years ago, for The New Dick Van Dyke Show.

But the star's age didn't hold him back one bit, as he earned a standing ovation and made the audience laugh at last night's show.

After the crowd took to their feet to welcome Dan Dyke, Emily Blunt, his co-star as the new Mary Poppins, joked that he was "superhuman" as he read the teleprompter without glasses.

Then, Van Dyke proved that his comic wit is still a sharp as ever.

"I spotted Carol Burnett out there and said, 'My God, I know her!" he joked.

Of course, Van Dyke and Burnett crossed paths several times in their impressive careers, including when Van Dyke joined The Carol Burnett Show.

The veteran comedienne was in the crowd to be honored herself, as the first ever winner of a new award named in her honor.

Fans on social media were impressed with Van Dyke's wit and stage presence - and the fact that he's still standing in his 90s. But the actor didn't tease any new projects on the red carpet.

When asked what made this year so special, Van Dyke simply said, "That I'm alive and able to be here."

And of course, the comedian's generations of fans are glad that he's still with us as well!

Are you still a Dick Van Dyke fan?

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