DIY Wind Chime Will Turn Your Porch into a Blissful Symphony

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DIY Wind Chime Will Turn Your Porch into a Blissful Symphony

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Harnessing the power of wind is one of mankind's greatest achievements! Even the simplest of feats such as the common wind chime.

Making one of these wind chimes is much easier than expected, with a few supplies you might even have laying around the house, you could be enjoying the blissful melody of your own handmade windchime!


  • 3 to 5 different sized terracotta pots
  • Strong outdoor cord
  • Clay charm, pendant, or other decorative, weighted item
  • Tape
  • Large beads


  1. Begin assembling the wind chime by cutting the length of cord that will complement the length of the wind chime when it is completed. For this project my cord was cut to 36 inches long.
  2. Thread the cord through the charm"”in this case the clay necklace pendant"”, slide it to the middle of the cord, and collect both ends together. Add both ends of the cord through a large bead told the charm in place. Wrap a piece of tape around the ends of the cord to make them easier to thread through the bead if necessary. Tie a knot just above the wooden bead, loosely, and measure where the bottom terra cotta pot will sit.
  3. Put both ends of the cord through the hole in the bottom or the smallest terra cotta pot and hold up the cord to see how it hangs. If you're happy with the height and sound when you wiggle it a little bit then you can continue onto the next step. If you need to adjust it further simply untie the knot and readjust until you're happy with the placement.
  4. Thread both ends of the cord through another wooden bead and tie a knot where you want the top of the second largest terra cotta pot to sit.
  5. Continue adding clay pots and beads and tying knots until you have reached the top of your wind chime.  Finish off by tying a knot to create a loop at the top of the two pieces of cord where you would like to hang the wind chime. Trim off the ends of the cord.
  6. Hang your terra cotta wind chime on a shepherd's hook or from a tree and wait for the breeze to come along and start the music.