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5 Doggy Sleep Positions That Tell A Lot About Your Loyal Friend


We can dream all we want that one day we'll wake up and be able to talk to animals like Eliza in The Wild Thornberrys.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen, but experts have spent countless hours studying our loyal, furry friends to understand what they're sleeping position says about them.

Your dog's sleeping habits, which takes into account the way they twitch or move, how much sleep they get, and their sleep positions gives many clues about a dog's health and happiness.

Sleep behaviors such as circling and digging, light dozing, twitching, and soft barks tell you a lot about your dog's personality or general mood.

For example, dogs that twitch and move around when they sleep are telling you that they need a good rest. If your house is not cold, your dog's twitches are nothing to worry about! In fact, they probably feel super comfortable, but that also depends on their sleeping position...

Check out these 5 common sleep positions and what they say about your pooch.

1. On their side

Dogs who can easily roll over to their side and doze off are showing you that they feel comfortable and relaxed. They are willing to expose their vital organs in a place that seems familiar and safe.

2. Superman

Dogs who sleep on their tummy have tons of energy. They probably take frequent naps from all the jumping and running they do, so they are ready to quickly get to their feet when its time to play.

3. Curled up

All dogs curl up, whether they're domestic or wild. This is the most common doggy sleeping position because it protects all the vital organs. This position also keeps them warm and makes them ready to get onto their feet quickly if need be.

Just because a dog is sleeping in this position, it doesn't necessarily mean they feel uncomfortable in their surroundings. If your dog frequently sleeps in this position, it may be because they are used to it, or maybe they like curling up in the winter.

4. On their back, paws up

Either your dog is trying to cool off their belly, or they are feeling super-duper comfortable by allowing their most sensitive areas to be exposed.

5. Snuggling against someone

This is a sign that your pooch wants to bond with you, so you better reciprocate that love and affection!

Which sleep position do you often find your dog in?