Don't Miss Seeing The Beautiful Strawberry Moon: Tonight

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Don't Miss Seeing The Beautiful Strawberry Moon: Tonight


If you are a moon lover like I am, you will not want to miss the night sky this evening.

There will be a “Strawberry Moon” for us to observe in all its glory.


Over the weekend, NASA said: 'The next Full Moon will be on Monday morning, June 17, 2019, appearing 'opposite' the Sun – in Earth-based longitude– at 4.31am EDT.

'The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Saturday night through Tuesday morning.'

Why is it a “Strawberry Moon”?

Early Native American tribes, called the Midsummer Full Moon the “Full Strawberry Moon”, because it arrived at the time of the year when strawberries were harvested. This was back before they were available all the time.  However, not everyone had strawberries. In Europe they named this full moon Rose Moon, Honey Moon and Mead Moon.

While the name suggests that June's full moon suggests it may be turning a shade of red, you won't confuse its color with that of a strawberry. It does change colour slightly, appearing brighter if you live further north.

You can find out what the best time to view the Strawberry Moon is with this Moonrise and Moonset calculator.

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