15 Items You Need To Have In Case Of An Apocalypse


15 Items You Need To Have In Case Of An Apocalypse


The apocalypse is coming, just ask any doomsday prepper around! Actually, just ask most Americans around. 65% of Americans, so about 160 million people, have "doomsday" or emergency supplies in their houses. Leading the charge? Millennials. Thirty-eight percent of the generation has prepped for a disaster.

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The average people spend on these supplies is about $2,000, because everyone wants to make sure they will be prepared if life as we know it changes drastically.

There are some pretty basic supplies you should keep around just in case something terrible happens, and there are also some things you may not have even thought of.

Let's begin, shall we?

1. Canned Food

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Basic, right? But there's things to think about when getting canned food. Does it have to be heated up in order to be eaten? Is it time consuming? How messy is it?

I know it sounds crazy, because when you're strapped for resources you'll take what you can get, but food that is easy to prep and doesn't require any extra additions is what you'll want to aim for.

If you're limited for space, you can also stock up on energy bars instead, but make sure they have expiry dates far in the future and that they're packed with protein.

You want to make sure you have enough food for at least three days, if not a full week.

2. Water

Distilled, bottled water is where it's at. You want bottles that have hard sides and can be stacked easily so you're not taking up too much space on the floor.

If the idea of bottled water turns you away, then look into getting water purification tablets. In the event that something contaminates your supply, you'll need something to cleanse it and make it safe to drink.

For water, you'll want the same supply as food: at least three days, if not a week.

3. Important Documents

In the event that you have to leave the house, having copies of important documents ready to go is key. Whether that's your passport, driver's license, birth certificates, or anything else, having copies of these things can make things a lot easier.

Don't bank on finding the originals in case of an emergency, you won't have time. Having copies stored in a waterproof case inside your go bag is the best way to handle it.

4. Non-lubricated Condoms


Okay. I know what you're thinking. But you don't need the condoms for doin' the dirty. I mean, maybe you want them for that, but there are so many more uses.

Non-lubricated condoms can be used to store matches, or anything else that needs to be kept dry. They are durable and (mostly) leak-proof, so they'll keep your things safe.

They can also be used as a slingshot in case you need a weapon for hunting or defending yourself. I'm just saying.

5. Mylar Blankets


In the event that the power goes out, you'll want to stay warm somehow. The Mylar blankets will keep your body heat from escaping. This is good if you're sleeping, and also if you have to walk outside for extended periods of time and weren't able to grab warm clothing.

6. Tampons

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It seems so basic, but I bet a lot of people don't think about packing tampons. You never know when an apocalypse is going to hit, or your time of the month for that matter.

But trust me, they don't have just one use. Tampons can be used to filter water, stop a bloody nose, or be used as fire tinder. When packing things in your doomsday bag, you want to make sure they serve more than one purpose so that you aren't wasting space.

7. Treats

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Ya, I said it. If you're going to be dealing with the apocalypse, you deserve some treats. Chocolate bars, candies, chips, whatever will motivate you to keep going.

8. Alcohol


You may not be a big drinker (or maybe you are, more power to you,) but alcohol can be extremely useful in the event of the apocalypse. Booze is a common bartering item, and can be used to help you secure supplies you may run out of.

9. Baking Soda

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No, you won't be doing a lot of baking while fighting to survive, but baking soda has many uses besides leavening your baked goods.

With baking soda you can brush your teeth, clean your dishes, make your own deodorant, and even clean your hair. Who knew?

10. Pet Supplies

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If you don't think I'm grabbing my cat before I rush out into the post-apocalyptic world, you are sadly mistaken. I'm sure every other pet owner feels the same way, too.

Making sure you have basic things for your pets, like food, water, and a leash to keep them close to you, is all part of being a responsible pet parent.

11. Matches


You're going to need to start a fire at some point, it's inevitable. Waterproof matches are a great idea, or at least a waterproof container to store them in.

12. Cash


Believe it or not, post-apocalyptic merchants won't take credit. Having cash on you is imperative, and it's even more imperative that it's in small bills because you definitely don't want to start off your bargaining with "can you break a $20?"

13. Whistles

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It seems odd to carry something so small, but a whistle could actually save your life. If there's an earthquake and you end up trapped somewhere, a whistle can alert authorities to your whereabouts so they can bring you to safety.

It can also help ward off animals, as the sound can be too irritating and intimidating.

14. Masks


Events like the apocalypse are almost guaranteed to come with debris. Having masks that will allow you to breathe clean air could be the difference between life and death.

If you can find chemical masks that are easy to store, they're also a great idea. An attack can come in any form, and dust may not be the worst of your problems. Better safe than sorry!

15. First Aid Kit

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This just seems like common sense, but a first aid kit is arguably the most important thing to pack besides food and water.  Sunscreen, Advil, children's Tylenol (if you have kids), Imodium, Claritin, and anything else you think might be necessary is recommended to keep in your kit.

Do you have a doomsday bag prepped and ready to go?

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