Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Impose Dress Code On Parents Of Schoolchildren

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Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Impose Dress Code On Parents Of Schoolchildren

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As someone who has the luxury to occasionally work from home, on the days I stay in, I know how much of a hassle it can be to have to switch out of your comfortable attire when you finally need to leave the house.

Still, I always make an effort to put on something decent and brush my messy hair before I head out, even if it is just to grab milk from the store or pick up my sister's kid from school.

There's a place for pajamas, sweatpants, and lingerie and it certainly isn't the grocery store, and definitely not at a school, at least according to some principals.

This week, a Tennessee lawmaker has caused quite a stir after proposing a bill that would allow school districts to enforce a dress code for parents and visitors.

State Rep. Antonio Parkinson made the suggestion after receiving numerous complaints from principals who have had to deal with parents wearing inappropriate and "suggestive" outfits to school.

If you think Parkinson's proposal is a bit of a stretch, you might reconsider after hearing about the woman showed up to her kid's school wearing lingerie.

"There was a parent that came into the school and the parent was in their lingerie and there were body parts exposed," Parkinson told WMC5. "This was an elementary school and that's a real issue."

If passed, it would be up to each district to set the dress codes for their schools.

"I visualize clothes that are not sexually suggestive," Parkinson explained. "Not wearing things that might encourage or suggest gang activity."

In addition to dictating how parents should dress, the lawmaker is hoping that the bill would also help school districts establish an overall code of conduct for visitors. This could put an end to quarrels between parents and discourage those who show up to campus while drunk or high.

"This minimum code of conduct would be something that covers every single person that steps foot on the campus," he told WMC. "We're not trying to criminalize anyone, so in regards to this, more of what we're doing is educating and creating awareness of the fact that our education institution should be held at a higher standard."

Parkinson plans to introduce the bill in the coming weeks, but he already has supporters from some of the school board members as well as the public.

"As a Republican, it gives me hope to see good people on the other side of the aisle," one Twitter user wrote. "THANK YOU!!! Don't Stop Being A Voice."

Do you think parents should have a dress code?

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