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Drew Barrymore Helps A Netflix Fan Pull Off A Surprise Proposal

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At one point or another, every woman has imagined how their soulmate will pop the question. Would her knight in shining armor be traditional and bend down on one knee? Will it be in front of her family, at a ball game, or written in the sky?

For avid Netflix watcher Kamela, her proposal expectations were to be blown out of the water.

According to the Huffington Post, Conor and Kamela had been together for nearly six years when he decided to pop the question. As they watched Netflix on their first date, and has been a regular activity for the pair ever since, Conor was inspired to incorporate the streaming service into his proposal.

So he reached out to Netflix.    

"After hearing that and dying from cuteness, there was no other option than help plan the most elaborate Netflix proposal of all time," the streaming service said.

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