Drew Scott From 'Property Brothers' Made An Announcement Fans Have Been Waiting For


Drew Scott From 'Property Brothers' Made An Announcement Fans Have Been Waiting For

Drew Scott - Instagram

Long before we were obsessing over Chip, Joanna, and all things Magnolia, The Property Brothers were HGTV's most popular duo.

Drew and Jonathan Scott's home renovation show transformed them from anonymous real estate pros to global celebrities. But, of course, fame brings along a new group of headaches and issues to deal with.

Drew Scott Linda Phan
Drew married Linda Phan last year.Drew Scott - Instagram

Take the never-ending baby watch: since Drew (the show's real estate expert) tied the knot with his wife Linda Phan in May, fans have been hounding him for news about when they would start having kids.

Finally, Drew seems to have let his plans for the future slip. And he picked the perfect place to share them: under an adorable photo of fellow HGTV star Joanna Gaines and her baby boy, Crew.

Joanna Gaines Crew
Drew asked Joanna Gaines to save some of Crew's clothes for his future child.Joanna Gaines - Instagram

"I think it's time for the next size up," she captioned the sweet picture, "#sixmonths."

What got Property Brothers fans so excited was Drew's comment on the photo.

"We'll be having kids soon so I'll hit you up for hand me downs," he wrote with two smiling emojis.

Soon, Joanna's post was mobbed with HGTV fans celebrating the good news. "I'm excited!" one wrote. "Woohoo!" said another. "Those will be some beautiful hand me downs. Looking forward to seeing beautiful Linda with a little baby bump!"

While this is big news for the reality star, Drew had already teased that he and Linda would be settling down after their marriage last year.

Drew Scott Linda Phan
Drew says he thinks he and Linda will be great parents.Drew Scott - Instagram

"I'm most looking forward to spending more time together," he told People after the destination wedding in Italy.

"We've been working so hard for so long, I'm looking forward to making plans to settle down and just enjoy doing nothing once in a while."

"We're excited to have kids," he even hinted. "I think Linda and I will be great parents, and we're excited to start that chapter of our lives."

Jonathan Scott
For now, Jonathan is happy being the third wheel for his brother and his sister-in-law.Jonathan Scott - Instagram

Meanwhile, Drew's brother Jonathan - the show's resident handyman - is still single as of a few months ago.

The reality star split from his girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetsov, last April, and told fans he was still waiting for that special someone.

"I think the right person will come along when they come along," he explained to People. "Other than that, I haven't really put any thought into it. For me, it's not a focus right now."

Jonathan was also married once, but divorced his first wife, an airline-crew scheduler, in 2013.

There's definitely no shortage of potential matches for the lonely Property Brother, who was even offered the chance to be The Bachelor last year.

Jonathan Scott
Jonathan has turned down multiple offers to star in 'The Bachelor.'Jonathan Scott - Instagram

"I would never do it, because I would just have too much anxiety," Jonathan said about the hit ABC dating show. "I am much more interested in being focused on one person."

And don't feel sorry for Jonathan either, because he makes it clear that he's doing just fine on his own.

"People say to me, 'Aren't you going to be lonely now by yourself in Vegas?' And I'm like, no, we work together all the time, so we always see each other. And Linda is amazing."

[H/T: People]

We can't wait for more exciting news from Drew and Linda! Don't you think they'll be great parents?

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