Member Of The Duggar Family Wants To Adopt The 'House of Horror' Kids

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Member Of The Duggar Family Wants To Adopt The 'House of Horror' Kids

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Even in the midst of a tragedy, there are still people who open their hearts to those who have been traumatized and lost everything.

The children of David and Louise Turpin who were rescued from California's 'House of Horrors' faced terrible abuse from their parents, as they were found starving and chained to their beds.

The 13 siblings, aged between two and 29-years-old, were only saved when one of them escaped to tell the police of their brutal conditions. Police raided the house and brought them to the hospital where they have been recovering since.

The parents are currently facing serious jail time for torturing their offspring, and it seems like they will never have another chance to harm their children.


However, the future of the rescued siblings doesn't look too bright. Social services plans to place six of the underage children in separate foster care homes, and the remaining adults are being sent to an assisted-living facility.

To prevent the family from breaking up further, one member of the Duggar family has offered to adopt not a few, but all of the 13 brothers and sisters in order to keep them together.

They would find a better life, because she also has experience surviving an abusive household.

It takes a generous heart to offer help to those in trouble, but something beyond that to open up your home to those with nothing left.

Amy Duggar knows the pain of living in an abusive household, her own father physically and mentally abused her for years.

"I've seen things thrown in the air. I've been called every name in the book. He tried to run me over with a car," she said. "It scared me out of my mind."

Now she wants to give these children a second chance at life together, announcing her intentions in a Twitter post.

Amy and her husband have broken away from Duggar traditions by not having children immediately after wedlock, but this may be their opportunity to offer a loving life to a family broken by torment.

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