Abandoned Ship Explored After 30 Years, And The Interior Creeps Me Out

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Oliver Moazzezi

The Duke of Lancaster ship may not be something you've heard of, but after looking at these pictures, it'll definitely be something you want to forget.

The ship was originally a cruise liner in the 1950s, traveling thousands of miles across open water. It was one of the last passenger-only steamers built for British Railways, and was designed to be both a ferry and a cruise ship.

About 10 years after its inaugural voyage, the Duke of Lancaster began losing business as a ferry, as car ferries began to rise in popularity. British Railways made the decision to convert the ship from a dual-use vessel to strictly a cruise ship. The ship was remodeled, and could now accommodate 1200 people, 105 cars, and 400 cabin accommodations.

duke of lancaster
Ships Monthly

The ship was in use from 1956-1979, when it sailed its final journey. It retired in North Wales, where it was considered "The Fun Ship" that people could visit. However, met with many legal battles, the business closed in in the mid 1980s.

The ship has remained closed ever since, but the interior has not been touched. The ship's owner, John Rowley, has allowed street artists to tag the ship and leave their mark, but only a few people have been allowed inside.

duke of lancaster ship
Dan Kitchener

Recently however, a group of people gained access into the Duke of Lancaster, and documented the entire thing in pictures.

Now, I'm not one to usually believe in haunted things...but this might have me convinced.

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