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"Easter Bunny" Leaves Hilarious Note For Naughty Kids

We all remember how great it felt waking up on Easter morning, running down the stairs and finding a tasty chocolate treat from the Easter Bunny.

The best thing about the annual visit from this friendly rabbit is he's not as judgmental as Santa. Even if you've behaved badly all year, you usually still get a treat.

But 3 little children from England weren't so lucky this year. After following "bunny tracks" in their yard that lead to nothing, Tracy Elizabeth's kids found this note:

Tracy Elizabeth

The note explains that - with help from Santa - the Easter Bunny has kept track of Holly, Zack and Jake's bad behavior.

It seems these 3 have been "fighting, arguing and not doing as you are told," which earned them a spot on the "naughty list."

The letter ends by saying that if their behavior improves, he'll be back with a treat for them next year.

Whether or not you think this was too harsh of Tracy, you have to admit it's funny.

She also shared her daughter Holly's very emotional note to the Bunny.

Tracy Elizabeth

In case you can't tell, "hoverfly" is supposed to mean "hopefully," or at least we think it is.

Parents have accused Tracy of spoiling a "moment of magic" for her kids, but we say this was some harmless fun. After all, their grandma visited later that day with treats for each of them.

Did she go too far with this prank? Share this post and tell us!

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