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Eating Alone With Your Cat? Let Him Do The Cooking!

It would be so nice to come home from work one day and find your cat had prepared a 5-star dinner for you, along with a big glass of wine.

Keep dreaming, right? Well one Japanese woman is living the dream. Her cat Maro prepares mouth-watering dishes from around the world, and even makes nice table settings to go with his meals.

Well, that's what her photos suggest anyways. The truth is that she makes the dishes herself and poses her cat to make him look like a master chef, but we'll call this a team effort.

Maro's owner bought a coat for him years ago and realized how much he loves wearing clothes, so she decided to have a little fun with him. Today, more than 65,000 people follow this cat, waiting to see what he'll make next.

She designs all her outfits herself, or buys regular clothes from the thrift shop and tailors them to Maro's size.

So what's her secret to taking such nice photos? Patience. Sometimes she spends up to an hour waiting for the perfect shot.

In case you're worried about Maro's health, he doesn't actually eat any of the human food he poses with.

Which is a shame, because some of these photos feature nice-looking seafood dishes. It would be a shame to waste all that hard work...

To see more photos of Maro, follow his Instagram account.

[Via: BuzzFeed]

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