Eating Veggies Has This Unexpected (Yet Welcome) Benefit

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Eating Veggies Has This Unexpected (Yet Welcome) Benefit

We all know the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables.

And we also all know that for the most part, we certainly don't eat enough veggies in a day.

But aside from the vitamins, preventative qualities, and digestion aid, there's new research which shows that eating your recommended intake of vegetables can have one other pretty great quality.

It can reduce your stress levels!

University of Sydney conducted a study which shows that eating 4 servings of vegetables a day (about a fistful worth) can decrease your stress levels by 12%. Add fruit to that, and you can decrease it by a whopping 14%!

Newfound Balance

And if you're a women? Those levels can be reduced by 18% with just vegetables, 23% if you add in fruits.

Ummmm...yes please!

"We found that fruit and vegetables were more protective for women than men, suggesting that women may benefit more from fruit and vegetables," said study author Binh Nguyen.

The study focused on 60,000 participants and used a questionnaire to gauge anxiety. Over time, they monitored how their answers changed. The study found that a combo of fruits and vegetables was most effective to reduce stress levels.

But if you think eating more and more veggies will end up eliminating all your stress, think again. Eating more than 7 servings of veggies in a day did nothing to decrease anxiety any further.

And if you're more of a fruit person? Bad news for you. Eating only fruit had zero effect on stress levels whatsoever.


Will you be adding more fruits and veggies to your diet now to bring those stress levels down? Let us know!

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