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Ed Sheeran Hinted At His Engagement Months Ago In A Hit Song

Daily Mail

Fans of the popular singer-songwriter were both delighted and devastated when Ed Sheeran announced that he would be marrying his love and long-time friend, Cherry Seaborn.

Sheeran shared the happy news on Instagram, revealing that he had popped the big question at the end of 2017.

He and his beau have had a whirlwind romance, and Seaborn has made her way into several of Sheeran's major hits.

The two of them knew each other in high school, and developed a close friendship. However, when Seaborn moved away for school they spent many years apart, not reconnecting until Sheeran gained international fame for his breakout album, "x" (multiply).

However, it would appear that his decision to marry the love of his life was no spontaneous move on the singer's part. In fact, he may have hinted at his engagement with help from his pop star friend Taylor Swift months ago.

Sheeran waited several weeks to announce his engagement to the world, and it seems he kept the secret with Taylor Swift for even longer than that.

In November, he featured on one of Swift's songs, "End Game," a song about not letting 'the one' get away.

Since the song was meant to focus on the theme, and Sheeran's reputation for love songs, no one really paid attention to the sweet words he was singing. But now they ring out from the words of a husband-to-be.

The lines that really stand out are the last of his cameo. "I've made mistakes, and made some choices that's hard to deny, After the storm, something was born on the fourth of July, I passed days with a thumb, this end game isn't won, With four words on the tip of my tongue, I'll never say" he sings.

The "fourth of July" is definitely about Seaborn moving to America, and he spends much of his time in the song thanking her for helping him weather "the storm" when he started feeling the pressures of fame.

The four words on the tip of his tongue? He finally got the chance to say them it seems, and the couple are looking forward to what should be a spectacular wedding!

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