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Elephant Meets Her New Best Friend, And It's The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Orego Zoo

Seeing an animal make a friend is probably the best thing in the world. Whether it's a dog meeting another dog, a cat finally deciding they will tolerate another animal in the house, or any unlikely combination you can imagine is always perfection.

It's especially wonderful when animals who wouldn't normally ever meet are finally brought face to face. The reactions they have are absolutely adorable.

Chendra the elephant lives at the Oregon Zoo. She spends her time playing with friends

Going for a swim

And just generally being adorable

She has always been a big hit at the zoo, but it was her interaction with another creature that had everyone talking...

This is Steller

Steller is a sea lion

He's a popular animal at the Oregon Zoo, obviously, look at him!

And not just for the guests! Even the other animals love him.

Chendra the elephant gets to go on walks around the zoo sometimes, and on one particular trip she got to visit the sea lions. Brace yourself, it's pretty adorable.

She loved her new friend and reached her trunk out to try to interact. Obviously they are now best friends and there is nothing in the world that is cuter than that.

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