Elizabeth Taylor's Dream Home Is As Glamorous As She Was

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Elizabeth Taylor's Dream Home Is As Glamorous As She Was

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Call it the house that White Diamonds built, except that Elizabeth Taylor's classic perfume line was still decades away when she bought her Hollywood dream home.

That luxurious six bedroom home in Beverly Hills home is hitting the market at $15.9 million this week.

But it's not all about location, location, location. The home's famous former owner obviously plays a part in the huge price tag.

Because even though Taylor's stay was short, she shared a deep connection with the mansion.

Taylor with her second husband, Michael Wilding.MPTV Images

The Most Beautiful Home She Ever Saw

The Beverly Hills mansion was the love nest of Taylor and her second husband, British movie star Michael Wilding.

The couple first laid eyes on the home in 1954, and legend has it they climbed the gate to get a closer look at the property.

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Taylor's stock in Hollywood was still rising in 1954. She had already starred in hits like Father of the Bride and Ivanhoe, but still had blockbusters like Cleopatra in her future.

But Taylor's time at the Beverly Hills property was a (relatively) quiet period, where she focused on raising her two sons with Wilding.

Taylor, Wilding, and their two sons.MPTV Images

Taylor called the elegant mansion, which sits on a 2-acre double lot with gorgeous views of the ocean and Los Angeles skyline, the most beautiful home she ever saw.

Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker

With more than 7,700 square feet, there was plenty of room for Taylor's lavish Hollywood parties.

The star was known for arriving in style to her own shindigs fashionably late, of course.

A Hollywood Breakup

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After Taylor and Wilding split in 1957 (following rumors that he was unfaithful) the house was quickly sold.

Since Taylor's time the mansion has been renovated by celebrity architect Budd Holden, but the home still has many elegant touches left over from its famous owner.

Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker

The house boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, four fireplaces, a library, a sauna, and an art studio.

There's also a gorgeous courtyard fountain and a pool, but Taylor would probably appreciate small details inside the home most.

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From exposed wood beam ceilings to a marble fireplace and columns in the master bedroom, every inch of the house is just as elegant as Taylor was.

Of course, if you can't swing the $15 million price tag, The Beverly Hills Hotel is just two miles down the road.

That's where Taylor spent six of her eight honeymoons, and at $719 a night, the rates are a bit more affordable.

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