Watch: Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Fail Hilariously At Ellen's Tasting Game

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Watch: Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Fail Hilariously At Ellen's Tasting Game

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One of America's favorite celebrity couples, Dax Shepard and Frozen star Kristen Bell, stopped by Ellen last week for a revealing interview and a silly game.

While the pair were technically promoting their new line of organic baby products, called Hello Bello, they talked about everything and anything, and made the audience laugh along the entire time.

Dax Shepard Kristen Bell
The couple have a new line of baby products called Hello Bello.Hello Bello

Bell, who is starring in Frozen 2, joked that she was "lonely as could be" while Shepard and A Star Is Born director Bradley Cooper shared a hug at the Golden Globes.

"Just really wondering why I'm not involved," she quipped, before calling the budding "bromance" between the two guys "sweet."

The pair also admitted that they have already given their five-year-old daughter Lincoln "the speech" about the birds and the bees.

After Lincoln asked, "Where do babies come from?" the couple - who strive to be 100% honest with their kids - sat down for a very descriptive chat with their little girl. But they joked that by the time they broached the nitty gritty details, Lincoln was too bored too listen.

"When it got to the actual nuts and bolts of the operation," they said, "we bored her to death."

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard
The couple say their daughter was "bored to death" by the birds and bees.Kristen Bell - Instagram

Ellen also put the celebrity couple through their paces in a tricky game called Taste Buds, where they were blindfolded and forced to describe mystery meals to each other.

The couple were playing for charity - trying to raise money for a prostate cancer foundation - but weren't exactly pros at the odd game.

Bell blurted out "oatmeal" before Shepard could guess, losing $1,000 right off the bat, then Shepard struggled to think of Cheetos.

Bell even missed this dead simple layup from her husband: "Chimpanzees eat it. It grows on a tree, it's yellow."

"Eucalyptus!" she answered incorrectly. It was a banana of course.

The couple also got pretty messy, with Shepard getting coated in ketchup while Bell dipped her face in chocolate pudding.

Did you get a kick out of their hilariously bad performance at the game?

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