Ellen DeGeneres Is Turning 60 And People Are Completely Shocked

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Ellen DeGeneres Is Turning 60 And People Are Completely Shocked

Good Housekeeping

We know you're shocked, we are too.

I'm not quite sure how old I thought Ellen was, but I definitely did not think she was 60 years old.

Ellen tweeted on Saturday, "I can't believe I'm going to be 60 this week! I love rating your babies but this week I want to rate the 60 year olds in your life. #EllenRateMy60YearOld." Ellen will be celebrating her birthday this Friday (January 26th) and people are losing their minds.

Not that 60-year-olds look incredibly elderly, but Ellen DeGeneres looks like she hasn't aged in 20 years. Maybe it's because she still has such a youthful attitude, that we forget that she's not just a super successful 30-year-old, or something.

It's not just us, the whole internet is flabbergasted by this announcement, and some hilarious tweets have come from the news.

One Twitter user tweeted, "Whoa! Ellen Degeneres will be 60 YEARS OLD this week?! What?! Someone please tell me her diet, skin routine, sleep schedule, moisturizer, genetic code, aaaand the brand of soap she uses"

Another tweeted, "ellen degeneres is turning 60 years old this week.... i never knew how old she was and i feel like she just exists on this planet as an ageless entity"

This new information tells us two things: That is in fact possible to age perfectly, and we need Ellen to share her skin care routine ASAP.