Email Migration Pitfalls - Things You May Not Know

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Email Migration Pitfalls - Things You May Not Know

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For medium-sized businesses, the mail is the most important tool for establishing contacts and managing processes both inside and outside the organization. All communication, planning, history of transactions, and correspondence - everything is managed online. Since enterprise resource planning requires the business budgets to be constantly reduced, you have to improve the efficiency of working with mail without additional costs. Unfortunately, having a corporate mail server is a troublesome and ineffective investment, and sending emails from employees' personal mailboxes is ugly.

What’s the Solution?

It's not enough to buy yourself a place in the cloud; you also need to transfer your old mail and the associated entries into the final email destination. The size of mailboxes and local archives of some employees can reach 50-70 GB, and the number of email entries can amount to hundreds of thousands. Here are some of the options you can make use of to handle the task:

  • Manual operations;
  • Built-in plugins;
  • Specialized services.

Transferring such volumes manually is not easy. That’s why finding a tool to transfer Gmail to Outlook is critically important for any business.

What Can Help?

As a rule, there are two mechanisms to transfer old mail to the new service - importing entire mailboxes or letters from specific accounts. In the Google Apps admin panel, you can start the migration process to the Exchange server and enter the credentials for the required accounts. The corresponding entries in Google Apps will be automatically created, and then mail and calendars will be transferred. Also, you can import data into a ready-made account by simply entering the username and password from the old mailbox.

Unfortunately, even the most reliable import services can sometimes fail. In such cases, you have to resort to an unpretentious manual transfer process - just connect the new and old accounts to the same email client and manually copy the data.

Gmail provides an opportunity to make this process a bit easier for Outlook users. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook uses a specialized MAPI protocol, significantly improving the program's work with the service. However, it is worth considering the restrictions imposed by the postal service on traffic from such clients. So, be careful - exceeding Gmail limits can lead to temporary account suspension, which even a Google Apps administrator cannot always remove. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you always use professional migration tools.


Importing, transferring, and working with mail only seems simple. It is only possible when the volumes of your mailboxes fit into the strict limits of mail providers. Every year, the number of email entries and the volume of accounts grow exponentially, thus, causing problems for many users. When operations are more difficult to read and send, there are always nuances and problems that should be prepared for in advance. By using professional services, you can rest assured about the email migration effectiveness and safety.

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