Everything Pet Owners Need To Know About Feline Diabetes

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Everything Pet Owners Need To Know About Feline Diabetes

We can be so paranoid about our family's health, but when it comes to our pets we never learn the warning signs of some nasty diseases.

Normally, we don't even think about dogs and cats getting sick the same way we do, but the truth is our pets are vulnerable to a lot of the same nasty diseases as us! Take diabetes for instance, it's such a common disease and we probably all know someone who has it, but many people don't even imagine our pets could get it.

In fact, it's believed that at least 2% of cats have feline diabetes. Pet owners should know the risks and signs of this disease, so they can keep their cats safe.

The most common symptoms of feline diabetes include:

  • cats that are either overweight or very skinny
  • drinking lots of water and peeing a lot
  • if your cat suddenly becomes "depressed" and weak, with no energy

If you notice any of these signs you should take your cat to the vet right away, but you also shouldn't worry too much.

Diabetes sounds scary but it's a disease that's very easy to manage. You'll probably need to watch your cat's diet, give them insulin injections - which should cost around $30 per month - and see a vet more often, but otherwise your pet will still be happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, scientists are still learning more about the causes of diabetes in cats, so there are no strong suggestions about what to avoid.

Even if you manage to catch the disease early, it will normally just go in remission and come back later. Still, your cat can live as long as a healthy cat with the right kind of care.

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