Everything to Know About Remodeling a Bonus Room

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Everything to Know About Remodeling a Bonus Room

Unfinished attics or garages can easily be converted to meet the needs of both you and your family, providing an inexpensive alternative to building an addition.

Before beginning renovation of a bonus room, research all you need to know. Read further for tips and ideas to turn this space into a media room, music studio or home gym.

At the same time, consult a qualified contractor to determine the best course of action for window installations; bay and bow replacement windows are a popular choice for bonus rooms.

How Much Will It Cost?

Bonus rooms are spare spaces that fall outside the definition of bedrooms, such as an area above a garage or in an attic. This extra space can add value to your home by acting as another family room, playroom, office space or craft studio.

No matter the room you want to create, there are various ways to remodel a bonus room. For instance, an attic renovation could benefit from adding windows as natural light sources and airflow channels.

If you enjoy reading, use your bonus room as an ideal spot to set up a cozy reading nook complete with bookshelves and cozy seating arrangements. Crafters may wish to set up an arts and crafts table as their workstation. Finally, for families with young children looking for entertainment alternatives without constantly chauffeuring them back and forth between friend's homes - convert your bonus room into an entertaining playroom to keep the little ones occupied while saving yourself the trouble of shuttling them between locations!

For example, this is how much it will cost you if you decide to replace windows in Canada:

The kind of window and the method of installation will affect the price of windows in Canada. In Canada, the price of replacing windows typically ranges from $200 to $500 per window, plus labor and installation costs, depending on the style of window.

Designing the Space

Bonus rooms provide the opportunity to transform previously insignificant spaces into spaces that fit your needs and lifestyle, such as attics, garages, basements or any unused corner of the house. Bonus rooms can serve as home offices, media rooms, fitness centers and guest bedrooms among many other possibilities.

For readers who love reading, a home library room may be the ideal solution. Built-in bookshelves and desks combined with comfortable reading chairs can create an environment conducive to study that's both beautiful and functional.

Are you in search of a place to relax and unwind? Make your bonus room into a spa, retreat, or gaming center. For families with kids, having a separate playroom will help prevent chaos from overrunning your living room.

Finishing the Walls

Walls are an integral component of any room; they serve as the framework for other aspects of design as well as being crucial to how a bonus room will function.

As an example, an extra room built in your attic or above your garage may need to be connected to your HVAC system as these spaces tend not to be well insulated and may experience extreme temperatures.

If your bonus room will serve as a family gathering space or kids' playroom, consider installing a snack center to facilitate movies and games without having to go back down into the kitchen for snacks or beverages. This way, guests won't have to keep returning just for that one snack or drink!

Finishing the Floors

An extra room offers your home many possibilities for expansion. Whether you want it as a playroom for children or office space for adults, the first step should be identifying how your new space can support daily activities and needs.

Dependent upon the climate in your home, adding insulation to the floor may help achieve better temperature control in your bonus room. In addition, additional wiring may be required to support lighting and electronics in this space.

Are you planning a movie night with your friends in your basement-turned-home theater? Set up a big screen and surround sound to enhance your movie-watching experience and you will thank yourself later. Likewise, for major renovation projects it would be prudent to invest in builders risk insurance policies as a precautionary measure.

Finishing the Furnishings

Once your walls are complete, the next step should be deciding how you'll utilize this space. An obvious choice would be a playroom which allows children to be active without overflowing into living areas and their bedrooms.

If you work from home or frequently host guests who do, consider creating a dedicated home office with ample desk and chair space, bookshelves and comfortable seating - or consider turning a sunny bonus room into a reading nook!

Make an unused room the ultimate entertaining hub by turning it into the ideal man cave! Select large sofas and chairs, a TV for watching big games, a bar offering drinks and snacks, plus any additional activities such as pool tables to add even more fun into the mix.

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